IBL Together

IBL Ltd is a world-class diversified group based in Mauritius. We work and invest in a wide range of industries across 22 countries worldwide. IBL Ltd is the largest Mauritian Business Group with + 21 800 team members, investing in nine strategic clusters worldwide. IBL’s investments build upon our existing strengths and market footprint while anticipating the growth industries of the future. We continue to explore new avenues for growth while investing strategically in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean region and internationally, as we have throughout our 190-year history.

Through its seafood activities, IBL ltd is a major shareholder of the tuna value chain in Mauritius, which has established itself over years with a full traceability all the way from the fishing zone to the final products going to the user.

Tuna businesses in Mauritius

  • Froid des Mascareignes : cold storage facilities at -20°C and -40°C
  • Mer Des Mascareignes : processing and packaging of -40°C frozen tuna steaks and loins
  • Princes Tuna (Mauritius) : processing of canned tuna and tuna loins.
  • Marine Biotechnology Products : producing Fish Meal and Fish oil from the co-products.
  • Cervonic: food grade entity which specialises in extraction of cold Extracted tuna oil of premium quality

Due to our Vertical integration along the supply chain, we are able to offer high quality products and trusted services to our customers.


  • Marine Biotechnology Products Cote Ivoire : Producing Fish Meal and Fish oil from the co-products in the Port of Abidjan.

All year round production

We have secured access to supply all year round which is at the core of buyer’s global procurement strategies.

100% tuna by products

The raw materials collected from the near-by tuna factories allow a continuous flow in the processing chain which is reflected in the exceptional freshness of the final product.

Quality of infrastructure and world leading customers

MBP have state of the art factories, entirely dedicated to the production of fishmeal and fishoil. Manufacturing for some of the world’s largest customers in pet food, aquaculture, poultry and cattle feed.

A reliable Tuna fishmeal and fish oil producer

Tons raw fish processed per day
Tons of Fishmeal output per day
Tons of Fish Oil output per day

Why Us?

Why MBP?

Responsible supplier

The plants in Mauritius are GMP+ compliant. We are also a member of GOED (Global Organization of EPA and DHA), IFFO (International fish meal and fish oil Organization). Our Cold Extracted Oil is Kosher and Halal.

Export access worlwide

Mauritius being an ACP country benefits from duty free access to the EU under the ESA – EU Economic Partnership Agreement. Mauritius also benefits from duty and quota free access to the USA under the AGOA (African Growth & Opportunity Act) trade preferences.

Global skills and customer service

MBP have skilled and passionate personnel with speacilised industry skill sets. We also have a dedicated customer management structure providing full personalized support throughout the supply chain.


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our factory is designed to ensure R&D and continuous improvements to achieve higher quality standards and ensure world class efficiency and waste reduction. Our plants in Mauritius are MarinTrust and Friend of the Sea compliant, one proof of this commitment to sustainability.